Municipal Securities Group


Hilliard Lyons' Municipal Securities Group is a division of J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, LLC, a full service broker-dealer / investment services firm headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Founded in 1854, Hilliard Lyons has over 75 branch locations in 12 states. Hilliard's Municipal Securities Group provides advisory and underwriting services to municipal issuers throughout the company’s footprint.

Throughout its history, Hilliard Lyons has been a leader in providing professional public finance experience. Hilliard Lyons’ involvement with municipal infrastructure dates to 1870, when the firm helped raise funds for the first train bridge across the Ohio River. As a specialist in municipal finance with more than 150 years of experience, Hilliard Lyons understands your unique needs. Our experts are committed to meeting those needs with custom-tailored solutions.
Public Finance works directly with municipal issuers throughout the Midwest and Southeast to structure and bring to market their financings. Hilliard Lyons’ Public Finance bankers provide that service in two areas: managing a negotiated issue and formally selling the offering to investors and as a financial advisor for competitively bid issues. Over the last five years, Hilliard Lyons has senior managed over $1.2 billion in negotiated issues and served as a financial advisor for $4.3 billion in offerings. Our clients include the Louisville Arena Authority (KFC Yum! Center), University of Kentucky, and the Louisville Metro Sewer District.